Consultants Group

The Consultants at QCCG are experienced and highly qualified. They are knowledgeable on all aspects of manufacturing processes and quality systems. Contact us for a free consultation on how you can identify weaknesses in your systems, set up a strategy for improvement, and reduce scrap and costs.

  • On-site representation: QCCG can provide your company with an on or off site liaison to represent you and your interests. Our reps are highly trained, knowledgeable and proactive in customer related issues and communicate quickly to relay critical information back to you.
  • Training: QCCG offers site specific training courses on shop floor safety, shop floor management, root cause analysis and problem solving. We will help identify potential problems and train your team to your specific needs.
  • Quality Standards Assessment: Our knowledgeable and trained staff can perform QSA’s (Quality Standards Assessments) to help build the best practices into your system.
  • Root Cause Analysis: Determining Root Cause is essential in preventing undesirable results in quality and production. Let us help to identify the root cause of your complex issues and prevent problem reoccurrence.
  • Proactive Solutions: QCCG can provide onsite support with systematic audits and reviews. Results are delivered in easy to understand reports for your improvement process. This is a proactive approach rather than reactive.
  • Corrective Action: Define the problem, including the root cause, and create simple solutions to address and correct the problem or weakness.
  • Production Part Approval Process: We can provide PPAP engineering support.
  • Process Audits: Process audits are designed to fit your specific needs. Process audits are put in place to ensure Work Instructions are followed and training is complete.
  • Gage Training: QCCG can provide training in proper gage techniques.


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